Life’s Abundance

Why Feed Life's Abundance

We have tried different brands of dog food.  Purina, Loyal Life, and Pedigree are a few.  These brands have been around a long time and are sold in stores. Unfortunately, when we first started out, one of the main things we looked at when choosing a dog food was the price.   We didn’t look at the ‘junk’ a lot of these dog food companies put into their recipes.  We didn’t notice the fillers used to make the food go farther and chemicals incorporated to extend their products shelf life.  Our puppies moms have paid the highest price for that in severe weight loss while nursing and poor condition after weaning.  Thankfully we were taught about a new healthier option of dog food we could feed to help reduce (and possibly eliminate) these problems.  Here are some facts about Life’s abundance:

Life’s Abundance is a fairly new company opening its doors in 1999.  Dr. Jane Bicks, a Holistic Veterinarian, is the founder and formulator of all products made by Life’s Abundance.

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Introducing Jane Bicks

Jane Bicks, DVM, has been a holistic vet for over 20 years. Some of her achievements are:

  • She has served as President of the American Veterinarian Association of New York City
  • Earned three Presidential Citations
  • She was appointed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help establish one of the largest animal shelters in the world.
  • Jane is the author of three books on responsible care and treatment of pets.
  • She has appeared on 48 Hours, Good Morning America, CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet,    and more.
  • She has also created a non-profit foundation where a percentage of her product line sales is contributed
    toward rescue and care for pets.


  1. Never been Recalled
  2. Produced in limited runs on a weekly basis to optimize freshness. Fresher food is more nutritious. Because it is made in small batches weekly it cannot be carried in a local store.
  3. Strict inventory controls and product safety considerations
  4. Guaranteed prebiotics and probiotic. This is especially important for puppy gut health.
  5. No fillers, GMO’s, and animal by-products.
  6. They have an ‘all stage” formula which works great for someone like me with dogs of all ages. I don’t have to have multiple bags stocked.
  7. Company with integrity. If they say their dog food has probiotics in it, then it does. Some companies will make a similar claim but when tested, their food came up short.
  8. Manufactured in the USA


  1. When you first look into Life’s Abundance you may experience a bit of sticker shock.  I know I did.  But if you really look into it Life’s abundance will often end up costing the same or maybe even a little less then the brand of high-quality dog food you feed now.  This is because it often takes 2-3 times the amount of food of other brands to equal one serving of Life’s Abundance
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This food supplies all the nutrition your pet needs. No additional supplements or vitamins are needed for optimal health.

The quality of this dog food really sets it apart from all others.  A friend of mine (and fellow breeder) actually put this to the test by sending a sample of Life’s Abundance to an independent lab.  Here are her results.