Our Crew

These wonderful dogs are the parents to our new puppies. Choose one of the parents to see their testing, and puppies they have available.


Annie is a sweet sweet girl!  She is one of our guardian homes and lives with the Williams family.  She is very snuggly and LOVES her family!  She completely lights up when she sees her family! She has beautiful puppies that are red with white markings. We are always excited

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Stella is an F1bb Mini Goldendoodle. She has intense read spots. She is a red parti and is just a fun loving girl.  She is one of our guardian homes and she loves to play with her black lab brother and watch star wars, seriously! She intensely watches only star

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Molly is one of our Guardian home mommas.  She lives with the Chadwick family just 30 minutes away.  Molly is a small standard F1 Aussiedoodle.  She has such a fun personality.  She loves to go on rides in the car and also on the four wheeler.  She is such a

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Lolo is one of our wonderful guardian home dogs. She lives with with Carlson family about 30 minutes away!  She is an F1 goldendoodle at about 24 lbs.  She is so sweet and fun!  She thinks she is one of the humans in her house and her family just loves

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Ruby is such a sweetheart!  She is a mini poodle at 18 lbs.  She is AKC registered.  Her favorite person is my 10 year old, Gracey.  She thinks she is a lap dog and loves to sit right in your lap.  She does well with all people.  She is off

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Maggie is a super fun girl!  She has so much love and energy.  She can run for days!  She is spunky and loves to be around people.  If you give her a good belly rub, she will be your best friend.  She is part of our guardian home program and

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