Waiting List

Current Litters

To be placed on our waiting list for puppies already born we must first have received your deposit and signed Health Guarantee. For deposits, we accept Cash, Certified Checks, google wallet, and Venmo. Deposits are non-refundable. Puppies go home at 8 weeks (unless another date has been agreed upon). If not picked up by 8 weeks we charge $10/day for boarding and extra medical expenses. Buyer must indicate which puppy they would like at the time of deposit. Deposits can be transferred to another available puppy in the same litter at any time. If the buyer changes their mind and wants to wait until another litter the puppy they originally chose must be 6 weeks old or younger. If the puppy is over 6 weeks and buyer no longer wants puppy their $200 deposit is considered forfeit and seller has no further obligations to the buyer.

Future litters

With your non-refundable holding fee of $100, you will be placed IN ORDER of the time we receive your holding fee on this priority waiting list for the puppy of your specifications. When we get a puppy that we believe matches what you’re looking for, you will be notified according to your position on the priority waiting list. If you are happy with the puppy choice, then you will be required to place an additional holding fee of $100 to have the puppy held for you. Holding fees will go towards final asking price. Holding fees ARE transferable to another puppy within the same litter at any time. If buyer wants to wait for another litter AFTER having a specific puppy reserved for them, that puppy must be 6 weeks old or younger to do so. If buyer no longer wants the puppy deposit was placed on and puppy is over 6 weeks old, deposit is considered forfeit at that time and seller has no further obligations to buyer. If a suitable choice is presented to you and you choose not to follow through with adopting a puppy, your holding fee will be considered forfeited at that time. If we do not get a puppy of your specifications (breed, gender and/or color), within 1 year from the date you place your deposit we will refund your $100.

Breeder reserves right to first pick of all litters

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